Courts & Case Law

Courts.Net –
Directory of listing for courts across the U.S. Organized in sections covering Federal Courts and state courts that have Internet connections.

FarisLaw: US CaseLaw Search –
Provides full search text capability on one (actually, seventeen) pages for U.S. Federal courts and state superior courts whose judgments can be searched. U.S. federal law can also be searched. Easy search design. Also allows subscription to the free Supreme Court International Bulletin which provides weekly email summaries of judgments of the following courts: US Supreme Court, Canada Supreme Court, House of Lords, Australia High Court and the South Africa Constitutional Court.

Internet Law Library –
Directory of links to the U.S. Code, Federal and State Laws, law libraries, and International Laws.

U.S. Case Law and Statutory Law Search –
Sponsored by the Washburn University School of Law, this site provides perhaps the most comprehensive listing of searchable links for federal or state case law and statutes. In addition, find a wealth of information about agencies, law firms, and even maps.

Federal Court Locator –
Provided by the Villanova Center for Information Law and Policy, it is called “the home page for the federal courts on the internet”. Allows access to the federal judiciary, including slip opinions. It is divided into sections of “Federal Court Opinions and Rules”, “Courts of Appeal”, “District Courts”, “Related Federal Agencies”, and “Judicial Information on the Internet”.

Federal Courts Finder – Searches all U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals

Findlaw – Supreme Court decisions along with U.S. circuit court opinions with links to to other sources of opinions online.

International Court of Justice –

Legal Information Institute –
Cornell’s Legal Information Institute provides a single query form for searching all U.S. circuit court opinions on the Internet.

List of Courts on the Internet –


U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals –
Most complete site to opinions of the U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals on the Internet. A cooperative effort among the many institutions and individuals that index the opinions of the different courts. Provides several ways to search the opinions.

U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals –
Law Journal Extra site to federal appellate decisions

1st: –

2nd: –

3rd: –

4th: –

5th: –

6th: –

7th: –

8th: –

9th: – (until 1994)

9th: – (from 1995)

10th: – (to 10/97)

10th: – (from 10/97)

11th: –

D.C. Circuit Court –

U.S. District Courts

California, C.D. –

Idaho –

Kentucky –
Selected opinions

Mississippi, N.D. –
Since August, 1994.

New York (S.D.) –
Gives a directory of offices and departments, directory of judges, local rules, judges’ individual practices and procedures (sometimes includes active cases, recent decisions and orders), Part I schedules, fee schedules, court reporter transcript rates.

Pennsylvania, E.D. –

South Carolina –
Since 1994

South Dakota –
From the state bar

Federal Circuit Court –

Federal Circuit Court –

Federal Circuit Court –

U.S. Circuit Courts –
Law Journal Extra site allows searching of all the circuit courts with one search.


U.S. Supreme Court –;
The largest database of Supreme Court opinions available on the Internet. Coverage is 1967 to the present. Also has sections devoted to recent opinions and historical opinions.

The Federal Legal Information Through Electronics (FLITE) database of 7,407 U.S. Supreme Court opinions, from 1937-1975 (vol. 300-422 U.S. Reports) available online.

Landmark Supreme Court Decisions –
Historic decisions of the Supreme Court, including Brown v. Board of Education (I and II), New York Times v. Sullivan, The “Pentagon Papers” case and Bakke. Carry links to current U.S. Court of Appeals decisions in which they are cited and to other related documents in the LII (Cornell’s Legal Information Institute) collection (e.g., statutes, topical summaries, the Constitution).

U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

California, C.D. –

California , N.D. –

Florida, M.D. –
Requires a password.

Idaho –

Iowa, N.D. –

Minnesota –

New Mexico –
Requires password

New York, N.D. –

North Carolina, W.D. –

Pennsylvania, M.D. –
Unofficial site.

Utah –